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With big impersonal high volume carton manufacturers far away you don’t have a high level of quality control and ability to see your project get printed on press, embossed, foil stamped, die-cut and glued, right before your very eyes.... Learn More


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Innovation is at the heart of C+C Packaging. The excitement of engineering an amazing package that works great is what your team at C+C Packaging thrives on. All the important aspects of, sustainability, how it will be assembled, how it will get noticed, be used and even re-used, are taken into account as it is developed from concept to completion.

Founded in 1977 to offer consistently high quality binding services primarily to commercial printers and Northeastern publishers. In 2001, Mitch Holsborg brought die cutting, embossing, foil stamping and gluing to the mix, creating a formidable manufacturer that can do it all.

The name C+C comes from the legacy of a sailboat company in Canada that built world-class sailboats for a discriminating clientele. It quickly grew into a large organization with many employees, but never lost sight of the importance in providing that personal relationship you get, working with a small business and a passionate team of skilled craftsmen.

As the internet became a primary marketing and communication tool for advertisers and publishers, packaging products has exceeded the demand for books and brochures. Hence the transition from C&C Bindery & Die-cuts to the new, highly capable, well equipped, folding-box entity “C+C Packaging”.