C+C Packaging is a solution-based company that is fluent in the complex worlds of graphics, branding, various methods of printing, folding-box products and other finishing techniques. You can invest hours and days to muddle through these specialized fields on your own, and move the project from place to place or you can outsource all the research and manufacturing production to the most qualified and experienced team of packaging experts, C+C Packaging.

Each stage of developing a roll-out campaign for a new product or a production run for your active inventory has its own set of priorities and criteria which are identified and incorporated for success.

C+C Packaging offers complimentary “folding-box”, design assistance to guide you through manufacturing your vision. You will be provided with an electronic template to create your mechanical, explaining how flaps and glue will hold it together, where perforations, scores and folds are necessary, using state-of-the-art technology to create new innovative solutions together.


C+C Packaging is a solution-based company that’s fluent in all the complex worlds of graphics, branding, quality printing, folding-box and other finishing.... Learn More


Innovation, branding and mechanical functionality, are all incorporated with current day, creative, graphic design.... Learn More


With big impersonal high volume carton manufacturers far away you don’t have a high level of quality control and ability to see your project get printed on press, embossed, foil stamped, die-cut and glued, right before your very eyes.... Learn More


Printing services include limitless possibilities. Every kind of paper made is available through our diverse assortment of paper merchants. The printing method that’s best for your project is the method that will be used.... Learn More