Most folding-box businesses are only interested in high volume orders and are located far away, where you don’t have much control, nor the ability to see your project get printed, embossed, foil stamped, die-cut and glued. We are near enough for you to go on a site visit and see for yourself how the product is made.

At C+C Packaging in Long Island, New York, we are easily accessible by car or train conveniently located in the northeast tri-state area.​

You will receive personal service and guidance with status updates, phase by phase throughout the whole process via notification options you establish up front.




C+C Packaging is a solution-based company that’s fluent in all the complex worlds of graphics, branding, quality printing, folding-box and other finishing.... Learn More


Innovation, branding and mechanical functionality, are all incorporated with current day, creative, graphic design.... Learn More


With big impersonal high volume carton manufacturers far away you don’t have a high level of quality control and ability to see your project get printed on press, embossed, foil stamped, die-cut and glued, right before your very eyes.... Learn More


Printing services include limitless possibilities. Every kind of paper made is available through our diverse assortment of paper merchants. The printing method that’s best for your project is the method that will be used.... Learn More